29 thoughts on “Status of the NSC Program

  1. Does that mean the CG completed the survey and supportability plan for the longer deployments as required by the last authorization bill? This plan wad required prior to beginning the next hull…

    • I cannot figure out why Joshua James is a namesake. He was in the LSS, not the RCS, and put in only about three years in the LSS. I know I’ve questioned the use of some in the past but James really did not do anything for the RCS or LSS to warrant all this acclaim. Just more wishful history of the Coast Guard.

      • Bill, per the article, “James is credited with saving more than 600 lives during 60 years of service, from the age of 15 until his death at age 75.” Not true?

  2. Huntington Ingalls is reporting that USCGC Munro has completed builder’s trials.


    “Ingalls has delivered the first five NSCs and has three more under construction, including Munro (WMSL 755), set to deliver in the fourth quarter of this year. Kimball (WMSL 756) is scheduled for delivery in 2018, and Midgett (WMSL 757) in 2019.”

    • Chuck

      Here is a a bit of news about USCGC Munro both WMLS- 755 & WHEC-726.

      R 071254 JUN 16
      UNCLAS //N02000//
      ALCOAST 210/16
      COMDTNOTE 2000
      A. CG-751 memo 4570 of 09 Feb 15 (CG-7 approved)
      1. CGC MUNRO (WMSL 755) will enter service in December 2016 and be
      commissioned in April 2017.
      2. CGC MUNRO (WHEC 724) is scheduled to remain in service until 2022.
      3. Effective immediately IAW Ref A, to account for two cutters both
      named MUNRO:
      a. CGC MUNRO (WHEC 724) PLAD is changed to “USCGC DOUGLAS MUNRO”
      b. CGC MUNRO (WMSL 755) will assume the “USCGC MUNRO” PLAD.
      4. CG-751 POC is LT Peter Lang, Email: Peter.M.Lang@uscg.mil,
      Phone: (202) 372-2343.
      5. RDML J. P. Nadeau, Assistant Commandant for Capability, sends.
      6. Internet release is authorized.

      So what do you think of that ideal?

  3. “Midgett, the eighth national security cutter (NSC), departed today from Pascagoula, Mississippi, bound for Honolulu, Hawaii. The ship will be stationed in Honolulu along with the seventh NSC, Kimball, and fast response cutters (FRCs) Joseph Gerczak and Oliver Berry. FRC William Hart, scheduled for commissioning in late 2019, will also be stationed there.”

      • Both Midgett and Kimball are to be commissioned in August. I have not heard where the commissionings will take place, but both are to be homeported in Honolulu.

  4. NSC USCGC Midgett in has joined USCGC Kimball in Honolulu. Both ships are to be commissioned Aug. 24. Currently only two NSCs are planned for 14th District. Perhaps if there is a NSC#12? As is, four in Alameda, planned for Charleston, and two for Honolulu.

    Some great photos of Midgett and Kimball underway together here.

  5. Ninth NSC launched, but will not be commissioned until FY2021.
    Ninth National Security Cutter Launched

    “Oct. 9, 2019 — Huntington Ingalls Industries launched the Coast Guard’s ninth national security cutter (NSC), Stone, on Oct. 4, 2019. The cutter is scheduled for delivery in fiscal year 2021. Its namesake, Elmer Fowler Stone, was a Coast Guard innovator and aviator who in May 1919 became the first person to pilot an aircraft across the Atlantic.”

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