Coast Guard Museum


The team putting together the National Coast Guard Museum in New London is asking for help and they have a new “Plank Owner” program that they hope will provide some extra incentive. If you need more information, they have it available in a couple of forms, a 20 page annual report for 2015 that includes a financial statement or you can take a look at their newsletter.

Perhaps most convincing, they point out that the Coast Guard is the only military service without a National Museum. The Army has 56, the Air Force 13, the Navy 11, and the Marine Corp 5. They also have a web site:


11 thoughts on “Coast Guard Museum

  1. I’ve been following this project for a few years now. It’s a long over due and greatly needed concept. I’m concern over the size and scope though. My gut reaction is that their won’t be enough support and/or visitation to support the museum in the long run. It is a very ambitious project to say the least. Are people not connect to the service going ti travel to CT to see it or support it financially?

    • I have had my doubts about the location, but they make a pretty good case for the current location in terms of proximity of major cities, other maritime themed attractions, and transportation.

      I think having the Eagle there will bring in a lot of traffic.

      Of course in peak summer months the Eagle will be gone, but they may me able to get other tall ships to call there as well.

      • New London makes as much sense to me as any place. Where else do you put it? DC, Grand Haven, Baltimore, Cape May…? I’m an outsider, is there a “spiritual center” of the Coast Guard?

        My primary thought is th financies. Do they have the revenue potential to support the plans they have?

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