Navy Bases MQ-4C in Mayport–LE Role?

NavyRecognition reports that high flying, fast, long endurance Triton MQ-4C Navy intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance data collection drones are being based at Mayport, FL.

Detachments will rotate to distant theaters, but they will of course fly missions out of Mayport if only to maintain proficiency. Hopefully we will see these used to support Coast Guard interdiction missions.

6 thoughts on “Navy Bases MQ-4C in Mayport–LE Role?

  1. To fill in some info not readily known. The Ops Center for the flights beyond USEC will be at NAS JAX. Mayport will be the FOB where a/c are actually hangared and flown from. Since NAVFORSOUTH is at Mayport I am sure its rqmts will get into the mix. But I have a distinct impression that tasking will come from a higher level

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  4. Navy Scaling Back Planned Triton Deployable Sites from Five to Three
    “FY24 quantity is being reduced from four to two aircraft; a total program of record procurement is being reduced from 70 aircraft to 27,” said a Navy spokesperson in response to a query from Seapower. “This quantity reduction is based on the Joint Requirements Oversite Council re-evaluation of worldwide ISR&T [intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and targeting] requirements that resulted in direction to reduce total MQ-4C deployable locations (orbits) from five to three.”

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