“Japanese, Malaysian coast guards hold South China Sea security drill” –Indo-Pacific Defense Forum

This photo released by Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency shows the Japan Coast Guard ship Tsugaru (PLH02) and helicopters of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency during a joint exercise between the both agencies off Kuantan, Malaysia, Monday, Jan. 29, 2018. (Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency via AP)

Indo-Pacific Defense Forum reports on efforts by the Japan Coast Guard to assist the Malaysia Coast Guard, including, in this case, with Long Range Acoustic Devices that are being provided by Japan.

The Malaysia Coast Guard is a relatively young organization, having become operational in 2005. Two of the largest vessels in the Malaysia CG have been provided by Japan.

Japan has been helping to strengthen other coast guards in SE Asia as well, including those of Vietnam and the Philippines

1 thought on ““Japanese, Malaysian coast guards hold South China Sea security drill” –Indo-Pacific Defense Forum

  1. The Japan Coast Guard cutter pictured, Tsugaru (PLH02), is over 43 years old. That is pretty old for the JCG. It is one of a class of 7 commissioned between 1979 and 1990. I would not be surprised to see them transferred to other SE Asian coast guards. They are pretty capable ships, about 4000 tons full load and capable of 23 knots.

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