“‘Protect. Defend. Save’: Coast Guard Launches New Recruiting Initiatives to Attract Members” –Military.Com

(U.S. Coast Guard illustration)

Military.com has a post about the Coast Guard’s new recruiting initiative including the new logo above.

I really like the closing paragraphs,

To continue to provide a high level of operations, Fagan said, the service will need a 3% to 5% budget increase each year, which means, by 2033, the Coast Guard would be a “$20 billion a year organization.”

“I’m certain you will not find a better return on investment for the American people,” Fagan said.

Choice of words is important. Defend and perhaps protect, suggest to me, more emphasis on the Defense Readiness mission. Wonder if that was really the intention?

7 thoughts on ““‘Protect. Defend. Save’: Coast Guard Launches New Recruiting Initiatives to Attract Members” –Military.Com

  1. Agree, sounds more like a shift in priorities. Glad I did my time when I did and do not have to deal with the word salad coast guard of today.
    That logo certainly does not look like a representation of the coast guard.

    • Concur, about the logo. Put the CG shield in its place – shows branding. Doesn’t “say” [ image wise ] USCG at all. Marketing and branding go hand in hand.

  2. Query: Why are the two blue dolphins and a Communist Chinese red star on the logo?

    Many CG members and veterans are voicing their disapproval of this logo on Facebook. If not me the mention of the removal of the Coast Guard Shield and Racing Stripe is tantamount to removing the Globe and Anchor from the Marine Corps logo.

    And finally, once again Lifesaving takes a third billing. In my opinion, and I may be wrong here, there is no money in search and rescue. The money is in appropriations for a para-militaristic quasi navy to expand US Coast Guard prominence far beyond our hemisphere of influence.

    • The shield and racing stripe are not going away.

      What you see as dolphins are supposed to be waves.

      We are not turning our backs on the SAR mission. We will continue to do that as well or better than before, and I think the SAR mission draws a lot of people into the Coast Guard, fisheries and alien migrant interdiction are not big draws, but the Coast Guard does a lot more than SAR.

      It is the fact that the same assets can do SAR, fisheries, National Defense, or some other mission, that make the Coast Guard such a bargain, but it also makes it hard for Congress and the administration to recognize our full value.

  3. The United States Postal Service wants their eagle back!

    Or is this the new logo for the new United States “Coastal Service”??

  4. I just realized that “Protect, Defend, Save” is right out of both the old and the new ethos.

    U.S. Coast Guard Ethos

    The Old Version:

    I am a Coast Guardsman.
    I serve the people of the United States.
    I will protect them.
    I will defend them.
    I will save them.
    I am their shield.
    For them I am Semper Paratus.
    I live the Coast Guard Core Values.
    I am proud to be a Coast Guardsman.
    We are the United States Coast Guard.

    The New Version:

    In Service to our Nation
    With Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty
    We protect
    We defend
    We save
    We are Semper Paratus
    We are the United States Coast Guard

  5. “The logo, which will appear in recruiting materials and targeted ad campaigns, includes four key elements: an eagle to represent military might and strength, but also the nation’s waterways and coastal environments; a life ring, depicting the Coast Guard’s mission as a lifesaving service; a star that symbolizes navigation and law enforcement; and a stormy sea with three waves representing the service’s core values of Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty.”

    There’s the good old, Core Values, Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty, made to appear to Coasties today like they’ve been there forever and have some historic connection to the Revenue Cutter Service!

    The reality is the Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty is pure made up corporate BS from the 1990’s. All from the horror story days of TQM where the CG thought that appearing to copy corporate America would change the CG to be a well-run organization.

    I have a better idea…

    How about, three waves representing the services failure in the stormy seas once called Deepwater!

    The United States Coastal Service – Servicing Mail Buoys since 1790

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