Recommended Blogs

Previously this list was in alphabetical order, but in hopes of making it more useful, I rearranged it. Coast Guard sites are listed first, then non-Coast Guard sites. Within those two groups the sites are arranged based on my perception of how active they are  in terms of the frequency with which new material is posted from most active to least, with my perception of how relevant it is to our readership thrown in as a fudge factor. Bryant’s Maritime Consulting has been moved up between the Coast Guard sites and the Non-CG sites because of the high degree of Coast Guard content.


Coast Guard News

Acquisitions Directorate (CG-9)

Coast Guard News  (Stories from “Coast Guard News” repackaged)

Bryant’s Maritime Consulting


Defense News

Indo-Pacific Defense Forum

Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC) “Next War Blog”

Naval News

Navy Recognition

Seapower Magazine (Navy League Publication)

U. S. Naval Institute News

U. S, Naval Institute Blog

U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings

Eaglespeak (great source for information on piracy)

MarineLink (Shipping/Marine Industry)

MarineLog (shipping industry and shipbuilding)

gCaptain (Shipping industry)

Dmitry Shulgin

Baird Maritime 

Cdr Salamander (Navy news)

Covert Shores (among other topics, drug subs and other craft used for smuggling)

Inactive Blogs–These sites have either been inactive for at least a month or appear broken. I will put them back on the active list when they publish new material.

Next Navy (Last post 31 Aug, 2020)

Naval Science and Technology, “Future Force”(Last post 5 June, 2020)

The National Cutterman Association Chapter, Surface Navy Association blog seems to have disappeared altogether. If it ever replaced, please let me know.

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