Top Ten Posts

These are the top ten posts ever published on his blog. Updated through the end of 2022. (This is different from the “top post and pages” listing on the home page. That only looks at the last week.)

  1. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011) (24,796 views)
  2. Navy, this is Coast Guard, we need to talk (2019) (19,124)
  3. OPV to OPC (2012)
  4. Three Nations Share German OPV Design (2014) (11,061)
  5. The Navy’s New Patrol Boat (2012)
  6. Case for the Five Inch Gun (2012) (9,728)
  7. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  8. Alternate Weapons for New Large Cutters? (2012)
  9. What Might Coast Guard Cutters do in Wartime? Part 2, Coast Guard Roles (2012)
  10. New 40 mm Gun (2016) (5,760 views)

Top ten posts of 2022 were:

  1. “U.S. Navy’s New 40-Foot Defiant Patrol Boat” –Naval News, Plus FMS Patrol Boat (2022)
  2. A New 30mm Round –Maybe a Reason to Upgrade the Mk38 Mounts (2020)
  3. “Fixing the Coast Guard Academy’s Priorities” –USNI (2022)
  4. “Here Is What…Missiles Actually Costs” –The Drive (2020)
  5. 50mm Chain Gun, More Detail (2019)
  6. Top Ten Navies by Aggregate Displacement, 1 January 2022. Analysis and diagram by u/Phoenix_jz (2022)
  7. New 76mm Gun Mount Solves Frequent Siting Problems (2022)
  8. “Storm causes damage at beloved Portland Head Light in Maine” –WCVB5, Boston (2022)
  9. What Does It Take to Sink a Ship? (2011)
  10. Ukrainian Cutter, former USCGC Cushing, Reported Sunk (2022)

Also Recommended, The three part series, “A Tale of Two Harbor Defense Organizations”

Other Posts of Continuing Interest:

Items retained for reference:

China People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Coast Guard, and Government Maritime Forces 2022-2023 Recognition and Identification Guide

Top Ten Navies by Aggregate Displacement, 1 January 2022. Analysis and diagram by u/Phoenix_jz (2022)

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts

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