Ukrainian Cutter, former USCGC Cushing, Reported Sunk

Ukrainian Navy confirmed first loss today. Russian plane attacked and sank P190 Slovyansk, former USCGC Cushing, near Odesa on March 3. The US-made vessel was acquired by Ukraine in 2018. The crew hasn’t been found.

Above from MilitaryLand.Net Twitter.

Thanks to UK Riot for bringing this to my attention. 

17 thoughts on “Ukrainian Cutter, former USCGC Cushing, Reported Sunk

  1. I suspect that’s true with the entire Ukrainian Navy surface force, if not simply captured! Does the Ukrainian Navy have any Submarines?/! And was the sinking do in part that the Ukrainian Navy opted for a Manually Operated Fire Control System instead of what was offered to them…

    • Ukraine’s navy is very small. No subs. Hopelessly over matched. I’m sure they would have been happy to have better fire control if they had gotten it in time. Probably would not have helped much against an aircraft.

  2. Further details (but in Ukrainian – need translation – You can hear him say – Slovyansk – which is also the name of a city – link found on twitter) Announcement by mayor of Yuzhne – Yuzhne is a port city in Odessa Raion, Odessa Oblast (province) of south-western Ukraine. It is situated on the country’s Black Sea coast.

  3. It would be good to get a solid public debate on what the USN should have for the specific purpose of diplomacy and providing aid to allies. Where is the assymetrical package of gear for over water here?

    • The Ukrainians would have to be in position to use it. A couple of Baltic Fleet ships going down would hurt the Russians, but the Ukrainian forces couldn’t get people and gear there.

  4. I’m rather surprised that NATO hasn’t used the Columbian Playbook to smuggle in weapon to the Ukraine Republic by all the captured Columbian Drug Cartel Semi-Submersible Narco Subs…

    • We do not know all the ways weapons are being brought into Ukraine. The less disclosed about this now, the better.

    • As was said op security is such that only generalities are being discussed in the public sphere. But there are strong indications that NATO and EU are primarily using the long Polish border to get get Ukriane aid in. Open source flight tracking has shown identified a likely airlift logistics hub on the friendly side of the border. This makes sense as Russians have not shown an ability to block or threaten these entry points. Additionally Russians have yet to block off ground resupply paths to Odessa, water resupply is not necessary and more risky. So it hasn’t reached that point of desperation yet.

      • There are plenty of ways for Ukraine to be resupplied overland, and now that they are mobilized they have as many men in the field as the Russians. Not nearly as many tanks, vehicles, and aircraft, but being on the defensive in familiar territory is to their advantage.

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  6. I’ve read she was hit by a missile and that she was destroyed by an aircraft.
    Mind you it could have been a missile fired from an aircraft

  7. Aw man. Did some pilot work on HFDL comms (High Frequency Data Link – packet modem stuff over HF) with the Cushing back in the day. Can’t remember if this is one that I went aboard in NOLA to work on it or not.

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