This is a work in progress. I realized a need for this when I found I had used an acronym without explaining it, as I usually try to do. I began this by importing list of acronyms added to earlier post, “Offshore and Aviation Fleet Mix Study Published,” so it includes some acronyms I have seen nowhere else. To that list I have added some more, including a number of Navy acronyms. Hopefully this will be helpful. If you find some Coast Guard or Naval acronyms not included, let me know–an explanation of meaning would be appreciated.

You can quickly find an acronym by using the “Control F” function (find in the document). Just hit control F and enter the acronym in the dialog box.

This list includes a number of ship type designations, for more information on how ship type designations are created see “Ship Type Designations–The Bertholfs are Minesweepers?”

AAW    Anti-Air Warfare

AK         Auxiliary, Cargo (Navy type designation)

AKE       Auxiliary, Cargo, Ammunition (Navy type designation)

AMIO    Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations

APB      Acquisition Program Baseline

AO         Auxiliary, Oiler (Navy type designation)

AOA       Amphibious Objective Area

AOE      Auxiliary, Oiler, Ammunition (Navy type designation for a large fast underway replenishment ship)

AOPS   Abstract of Operations System

AOR     1. Area of responsibility (of a combatant commander). 2. Navy type designation for an Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment.

ARS      Auxiliary, Rescue Salvage

AS        Auxiliary, Submarine (tender). Support and repair ship for submarines.

ASCM  Anti-Ship Cruise Missile

ASW    Anti-Submarine Warfare

ASuW  Anti-Surface Warfare

ATF      Auxiliary, Tug, Fleet (an ocean going tug)

AtoN     Aids to Navigation

AUF      Airborne Use of Force

CD         Removal rate for cocaine from non-commercial vessels in maritime transit zone

CG         Guided Missile Cruiser

CGMOES Coast Guard Maritime Operational Effectiveness Simulation (campaign model)

CIAAT    CNA (Center for Naval Analysis) IDS (Integrated Deepwater Systems) Asset Assessment Tool

CNA       Center for Naval Analysis

COP       Common Operating Picture

CPB       Coastal Patrol Boat

CRC       Crew Rotation Concept (multiple crewing for cutters)

CSG       Carrier Strike Group

CV          Aircraft Carrier

CVBG    Carrier Battle Group (now replaced by the term CSG, Carrier Strike Group)

CVL       Aircraft Carrier, Light

CVN       Nuclear powered Aircraft Carrier

DAFHP   days away from homeport

DCI        Detect, Classify, Identify

DCO      Deputy Commandant for Operations

DCMS   Deputy Commandant for Mission Support

DD         Destroyer

DDG      Destroyer, Guided Missile (anti-aircraft missiles)

DECMv2  Database Enhanced Center for Naval Analysis Integrated Deepwater Systems Asset Assessment Tool CIAAT (One of three sources for determining number of asset required.)

DefOps   Defense Operations

EPF       Expiditionary TransPort, Fast

ESB       Expeditionary mobile Staging Base (formerly MLP)

ESC       Executive Steering Committee

FCA     Fleet Capacity Analysis

FF        Frigate

FFG     Frigate, (anti-aircraft) Guided Missile (AAW capacity that goes beyond self defense to include area defense for other ships)

FMA     Fleet mix analysis

FRC      Fast Response Cutter

FUBAR  F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition

FVI       Foreign Vessel Inspection

GT        Guidance Team

HITRON Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron

IDE       International Data Exchange

IDS       Integrated Deepwater System

IIP         International Ice Patrol

IMO       International Maritime Organization

IOC       Initial Operational Capability

IPT        Integrated Product Teams

ISR        Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance

JIATF-S  Joint Interagency Task Force South JIATF-S

LCC         amphibious Landing Command and Control (currently used as Fleet Flag Ships)

LCS       Littoral Combat Ship

LHA     Landing Helicopter Assault (aviation oriented amphibious assault ships, full length fight deck–some have a well deck)

LHD     Landing Helicopter Dock (aviation oriented amphibious assault ships with full length fight deck and a well deck)

LPD      Landing TranPort Dock (amphibious assault ships with a well , good aviation facilities, but not a full length fight deck)

LPH      Landing TransPort Helicopter (aviation oriented amphibious assault ships–w/o well deck)

LRS      Long Range Search (fixed wing aircraft)

LSD      Landing Ship Dock (amphibious assault ships with a well deck, minimal aviation facilities)

LMR     Living Marine Resources

LMS      Local Monitoring System

LRC      Long Range Cutter

LRIT     Long Range (vessel) Identification and Tracking System

LRS      Long Range Surveillance (C-130)

LSI        Lead System Integrator

MCM    Mine Counter-Measures

MDA    Maritime Domain Awareness

MEP     Marine Environmental Protection

MER     Marine Environmental Response

MEAN  Mission Effectiveness Asset Needs (Model)

MISLE  Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement (a data base)

MNS    2004 Integrated Deepwater System Mission Needs Statement

MOE     Measures of Effectiveness

MRC     Medium Range Cutter

MRR      Medium Range Recovery (helicopter)

MRS      Medium Range Search (fixed wing aircraft)

MPP     Mission Performance Plan

MRR     Medium Range Recovery (H-60)

MRS     Medium Range Surveillance (C-144/C-27)

MSC      Military Sealift Command

MSMP   Modeling and Simulation Master Plan

NAIS     Nationwide Automated Identification System

NDAD   Non-Deepwater Aviation Demands

NDC      National Data Center

NMSRA National Maritime Security Risk Assessment (methodology)

NSC      National Security Cutter

OLE/GLE Other/General Law Enforcement

OOH      out-of-hemisphere

OPAR   Operational Performance Accountability Reports

OPC      Offshore Patrol Cutter

PB         Patrol Boat

PC         Patrol Craft

PFH       Programmed Flight Hours

PGA      Performance Gap Analysis

POA&M Plan of Action and Milestones

POR      Current Program of Record

P-ORD Preliminary Operational Requirements Document

PWCS   CG Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security

ROM     Rough order of Magnitude

RWAI    Rotary Wing Airborne Interdiction

SAG       Surface Action Group

SAR       Search and Rescue

SDCIP  Surveil, Detect, Classify, Identify, and Prosecute

SESS    Shipboard Signals Exploitation Space

SRR      Short Range Recovery (helicopter)

SS         Submarine

SSBN    Submarine, Ballistic missile, Nuclear

SSEE    Ship’s Signal Exploitation Equipment

SSGN    Submarine, Guided (cruise missile), Nuclear

SI           System Integrator

SLEP     Service Life Extension Program

SME      Subject Matter Expert

SNAFU   Situation Normal All F**ked Up

SOLAS   Safety of Life at Sea

SOPP     Standard Operational Planning Process

SPD       Strategic Planning Direction

SRC       Short Range Cutter

SRR       Short Range Recovery (H-65)

T-          Navy designation for a non-commissioned, civilian manned (MSC, Military Sealift Command) ship. Regular designation follows, e.g. T-AKE, T- ARS, T-AO

TOC     Total Cost of Ownership

SUAV    Strategic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

TUAV     Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UAS-CB  Unmanned Aerial System–Cutter Based

UAS-LB  Unmanned Aerial System–Land Based

VMS       Vessel Monitoring System

WALEX  Warfare Analysis Laboratory Exercise

WHEC    Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter

WMEC    Coast Guard Medium Endurance Cutter

WMSL     Coast Guard Maritime Security Large, designation for the Bertholf class National Security Cutters (NSC)

WMSM   Coast Guard Maritime Security Medium, designation for the Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC)

WPB      Coast Guard Patrol Boat

WPC      Coast Guard Patrol Craft

1 thought on “Acronyms

  1. Dear sirs,
    I have a coast guard heavy full wool coat that has a tag sewed in it with the name of a sailor and the numbers 2813 E-6 .i am led to believe these numbers are last four digits of his SSN and his rank. In the top of the tag in red is the following WPL 1662 . Would this be the vessel he served on?
    I can send you an image if this is allowed.
    Thank you
    Tom Gannon

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