“Storm causes damage at beloved Portland Head Light in Maine” –WCVB5, Boston

The Wave -“After reviewing my images, I determined that I captured the wave that took out the door and window at Portland Head Lighthouse. I’m not happy about it, but I am in awe of the power of nature. I believe this is a historic capture.”
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12:00 PM · Dec 23, 2022 Benjamin Williamson @photographmaine

A Boston television station reports damage to Portland Head Light in Portland, Maine. I pulled the photo above off Facebook earlier today.

I have a personal attachment to the light, since I sailed out of Portland for two years as XO of cutter Duane. The light was always first sight of home and visited the light several times.

Fortunately, it all looks repairable.

Thanks to Paul for bringing the TV report to my attention.

4 thoughts on ““Storm causes damage at beloved Portland Head Light in Maine” –WCVB5, Boston

  1. “It all looks repairable” Really? Did you look inside?

    The windows and doors that were destroyed by the waves and winds all led into the lighthouse museum, full of historic artifacts. Those may not be recoverable, repairable or even findable if they were swept out to sea by receding waves. Don’t draw conclusions based on a single video of a point in time that doesn’t reveal the entire story.

  2. My rule is don’t turn your back from the sea in those cliff scenarios. Some other day and someone might have been taking a selfie right there.

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