China and the Arctic

Chinese icebreaking research vessel Xue Long (Snow Dragon), Photo by Bahnfrend

Found an interesting post regarding China’s interest in the Arctic, considering the Northern Sea Route near Russia a part of their Belt and Road Initiative. Apparently the Russians are supporting the move.

“…China formally incorporated the Arctic into its plans for maritime cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative, also sometimes called One Belt, One Road. The Vision for Maritime Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiativereleased on June 20 by China’s National Development and Reform Commission and the State Oceanic Administration, explains that a “blue economic passage” is “envisioned leading up to Europe via the Arctic Ocean.””

Of course they also want to exploit the resources. Cooperatively. In a sustainable fashion. Like they have done elsewhere.

New DHS?

John Kelly official DHS portrait.jpg

Photo: Outgoing DHS Secretary, John Kelly

It was recently announced that Retired Marine General John Kelly is the new White House Chief of Staff.

This, of course, means he will no longer be Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and the Coast Guard’s Service Secretary. This may be unfortunate for the Coast Guard, but it may be good to have him close to the President.

Who will be next? Let the speculation begin.

As Shakespeare said, “Surely a worse one will come in his place.”

The President does seem to like military officers. Is it too much to hope for a former USCG Commandant?

Warning Shots–Persian Gulf

UN Naval Institute reports on the most recent run in between US naval forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp.

You probably heard about this but may have missed the fact that Coast Guard Cutters were also there.

“Thunderbolt was operating with two Coast Guard cutters and a U.S. Army logistics vessel in a screen around the guided-missile cruiser USS Vella Gulf (CG-72) as part of a U.S.-only exercise when the formation was approached by the Iranian PC, the official said.”

Is it possible the video above was shot from a cutter?