Novel Gun Mount


NavalToday has a short piece on the new German F-125 frigate. It is primarily to show the video above, of the frigate firing its 27mm guns and 5″/64 Otobreda.

The unusual aspect of the video is the way the mounts for the 27mm guns lean out (see 1:25). I’m not sure it is worth the complication, but it does permit the gun to fire at targets close alongside near the waterline. It probably means it can be fired on bearings closer to the bow and stern too.

Thanks to Mike R. for bringing this to my attention. 

President Trump to Speak at CG Academy Commencement

Following is a press release quoted in full:

NEW LONDON, CONN. – The U.S. Coast Guard Academy is preparing to host President Donald J. Trump, who is scheduled to deliver the keynote address at graduation on Wednesday May 17, following a White House announcement earlier today.

The135th Commencement Exercises are scheduled to begin at 11:00 a.m. on Cadet Memorial Field.

“Every commencement is a special occasion, but it is particularly memorable when the President presents our future leaders with their commissions,” said Academy Superintendent Rear Adm. James E. Rendon. “We are also grateful for the opportunity to highlight our Academy and our mission to develop leaders of character for the Coast Guard and the nation.”

The President traditionally addresses the graduating class at one of the federal service academies on a rotating basis. President Obama came to the Academy in 2015. This will be the first time President Trump addresses a federal service academy graduating class as Commander in Chief.

The event is not open to the public. Inclement weather plans call for the graduation to be held in Leamy Hall Auditorium, where seating will be limited.

Maritime Civil Affairs–Should This Navy Mission More Properly Belong to the Coast Guard?

The Small Wars Journal has an article, “Maritime Civil Affairs” by Paul W. Taylor, decrying the Navy’s failure to adequately provide for Maritime Civil Affairs.

He describes this mission as follows:

“Those military operations that enhance the relationship between military forces and civil authorities in localities where maritime forces are present; require interaction and consultation with other maritime interagency, intergovernmental, and non-governmental organizations; indigenous maritime populations and institutions; and the maritime private sector; and which involve application of maritime functional skills to problems that normally are the responsibility of civil government to enhance the conduct of civil-military operations.”

And he sees the requisite skill set as:

  • Protection of the maritime environment;
  • Operation and maintenance of ports, harbors and waterways;
  • Governance of maritime environments, industry, and resources; and
  • Maritime law enforcement, security, and safety, including migration control.

First, I am not surprised the Navy has had a hard time filling this role, and second, this sound a whole lot like Coast Guard missions.


Technical Difficulties

The blog has encountered some techical difficulties recently. At least in some cases photos have overlapped the text.

I have informed tech support at WordPress and hopefully a fix is in the works.

As a bandaid solution, I am adding a few extra line spaces below any photo in hopes of showing all the text.