Future USCGC Argus, OPC #1, Steel Cut, Jan 7, 2019

Eastern Shipbuilding photo

The first major milestone in the construction of the first OPC has been achieved. Steel was cut January 7.

Eastern Shipbuilding photo

Unfortunately because of the travel restrictions of the Government Shutdown, no Coast Guard flag officers or Department of Homeland Security dignitaries were present.

Eastern Shipbuilding photo

Thanks to Eastern Shipbuilding for the use of the photos. 

15 thoughts on “Future USCGC Argus, OPC #1, Steel Cut, Jan 7, 2019

  1. Eastern Shipbuilding has a reputation for on-time and on-budget deliveries. It will be interesting to see how they do on their first government contract. If they maintain that standard, it could be instructive to some other shipyards and a warning shot across the bow to some in the long term. OPC today….FFG or DDG capabilities 20 years from now.

  2. DRS Jan 15 announced receipt of Eastern Shipbuilding contract for second OPC hybrid electric drive, coupled to the main propulsion gearbox for the auxiliary propulsion system, the first DRS OPC HED system is set to be delivered in mid 2019 (Eastern Shipbuilding Group was awarded construction of the Lead Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) and for the Long Lead Time Material for the second OPC, September 28, 2018).

    As yet have seen no mention of which company won the contract for the main propulsion gearbox, guessing RENK.

  3. These are going to be some great ships.

    I wonder if we can start discussing the potential crew, or is it too early? Think these will be crewed a lot like a WMEC, or will the additional size and capability require more of a WHEC-sized crew? Change in rank for the CO (like O-5)?

    • The crew has already been studied, there used to be a link with a detail breakout. The crew is going to be similar to a 270, probably slightly larger. At one point the objective was a crew of 90 and the threshold was a crew of 104. This was reflected in the specs which did change over time. I would expect the CO to be an O-5. If I remember correctly the accommodations are for 122 or 126. That accounts for the crew, the AvDet, and up to 11 eleven in an signals intel detachment, plus a few supernumeraries.

    • Bet there will need to be some safety warnings about wearing metal/magnetic near that! To make power that small, those are certainly strong magnets!

      • Update NavalNews SNA video day 2 features the DRS-HED at 11:10 min. with more detail.
        OPS DRS PA44 permanent magnet motor/generator 625HP, 1,100 ft lbs @3,000rpm, 395 lbs, 1.6 lb per hp.
        DRS say power dense, fuel efficient, very light weight and small, low maintenance.

  4. “Northrop Grumman to Support USCG Patrol Cutter C4ISR and Control Systems ” “Northrop Grumman’s contributions to the OPC platform include the integrated bridge, navigation, command and control, computing network, data distribution, machinery control and propulsion control systems. It will perform C4ISR system integration at their OPC Test and Integration Facility in Charlottesville, and control systems integration at their Charlottesville Land-Based Test Facility.”

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