NSC namesakes– Frank H. Newcomb?

If you are not familiar with the Story of the Cutter Hudson’s heroism during the Spanish American War, you might want to take a look at this piece by one of our regular participants, William R. Wells, II (Wells2).

As the author points out, the crew never seemed to get the recognition they deserved. I would love to see the Hudson’s captain, First Lieutenant, Frank H. Newcomb, USRCS, receive the Medal of Honor as Wells2 suggest, but perhaps the Coast Guard should honor him by naming one of the new NSCs in his honor.

While we are at it any other candidates for this honor?

1 thought on “NSC namesakes– Frank H. Newcomb?

  1. The Navy did name a destroyer for him in WWII. As it did for the CO of the WWI Tampa.

    I am not sure what the Coast Guard will do. They are overlooking Charles F. Shoemaker who was the head of the RCS at the time and worked very hard to see the RCS get its name recognized for the war’s work.

    There is a whole other story involved in the search for recognition. Hopefully, I will be done with it in a few months.

    I will note that I revisited the cdrsalamander blog and he wrote something about “blogger protocol” in his unnamed link to my article. The proper protocol is to provide proper attribution up front. We have seen that not everyone selects the link or even notices it.

    I’d give a student a very low mark if the source is not properly made.

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