Icelandic Coast Guard

It’s always nice to see how others who are doing a similar job. Rummaging around our site, I found this link to the Icelandic Coast Guard.

There are a lot of similarities and some interesting differences in organization. Much of the hardware looks similar. They do SAR, fisheries, pollution abatement, and anti-terrorism, but their organization is unionized and also includes a hydrographic office and a bomb disposal unit.

Interestingly there is a news release from Oct. 2009, on the site, recounting the fact that the the Icelandic Coast Guard had located and identified the wreck of the USCGC Hamilton (WPG-34), a Secretary class 327, which was the first US ship sunk in the Atlantic after the attack on Pearl Harbor. (One of my old ships, her sister ship, USCGC Duane (WPG/WHEC-33), had also been based in Iceland during the Convoy battles of 1942/43.)

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