Security Breach, Port Angeles

A civilian drives through the gate (sorry the link is broken now),walks aboard the Cutter Active, wanders around, finds the Captain’s Cabin and uses it as his own, takes a shower, smokes a joint.

I have to ask, where was the quarterdeck watch?

Could this happen at other units? Maybe something worse?

3 thoughts on “Security Breach, Port Angeles

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  2. Black and white security cams for the base entrance in 2010? Sheesh, had that in NOLA in 1990 and it was horrid. I can see someone slipping past a quarterdeck watch if it is dark and they pick the right time – watchstander answers the phone, looks down for a second, etc. Not sure how close the q-deck is to the brow. In Astoria had a few folk try and sneak on the Resolute, but you’d hear the brow creak as someone climbed it so they’d be spotted. Guess Active doesn’t tie up downtown P.A. anymore like it used to.

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