Missile Launch Off SoCal–Who Did It?–No One Knows!

The contrail of a missile launch, video recorded by a news organization helicopter, approximately 35  miles off Los Angeles, and no one seems to be able to explain, more than 20 hours later, where it came from or where it landed.

I thought our security lapse at Port Angeles was embarrassing, but this is a lot worse. I have to ask, where was the quarter deck watch? You know the one that is supposed to be protecting our country. Navy times reports the story and InformationDissemination provides commentary.

If you think we are ready to intercept a cruise missile fired from offshore, think again.

8 thoughts on “Missile Launch Off SoCal–Who Did It?–No One Knows!

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  2. Chuck,

    Galrahn’s coverage of this event is almost as interesting as the whatever-it-was that appears to have happened. He’s now up to four separate posts covering this.

    But then, this really could be an actual threatening mystery. But the greatest mystery of all may the way our defense establishment keeps saying that they don’t know what it was…

  3. Chuck,

    Plus, there might be an element of atmospheric refraction involved. There’s an ex-Soviet / Russian naval officer (in a thread about this over on MP.net) who has mentioned observing events hundreds of kilometers distant due to odd atmospheric optical properties. That might also help to explain what was observed and recorded.

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