This tread has some interesting photos of modern icebreakers. Hopefully someone is thinking about this topic in the context of what our new construction icebreakers will look like.

The US does have a couple of ice capable research vessels that are referred to in the tread that I had not been aware of, the 94 meter (310 foot) icebreaker R/V Nathaniel B. Palmer, built in 1992,

Nathaniel B. Palmer in sea ice

and the 76 meter (251 foot) ice-strengthened (Ice class ABS A1) RV Laurence M. Goul,  built in 1997. Both were built by Edison Chouest Offshore Inc., Galliano, Louisiana,

L.M. Gould in Arthur Harbor

(Thanks, Steve, for the link)

9 thoughts on “Icebreakers–Photos

  1. I liked the photos. I have a question though. Why should we change the design of any new ships? Other than modernizing them, the basic design of the ships have worked very well. No need to mess with things that work right?

    • I’d love to know the answer to that question, Bryant. I’ve never understood why we don’t refresh successful designs. I’m sure there’s some reason behind it but I can’t think of anything.

  2. I think we have a winner here. I think the US Coast Guard should look into the Norwegian Coast Guard’s NoCGV Svalbard and buy a version of that for the US Coast Guard

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  4. Chuck, one thing I like about you is your optimism. You actually believe that the Coast Guard is going to receive funding for new icebreakers.

  5. The POLAR STAR is layed up and the POLAR SEA is broke dick. ADM Papp is done pouring money down the drain, which means this program is dead as far as the CG is concerned.

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