Piracy–My How You Have Grown

Eaglespeak is the go to site for the latest on piracy. I thought this 36 second animation was particularly eloquent in describing the growing problem. The yellow markers you will see in the animation indicated unsuccessful pirate attacks, while the red markers are successful attacks.

4 thoughts on “Piracy–My How You Have Grown

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  2. This article relates how pirates threw a captive crewman overboard when their pirated mother ship was being followed by an Indian Navy warship. That may be a new technique for causing any naval or CG vessel to break off pursuit. Also, note how the commentary within the article complements that video provided by Eagle1; i.e., yes indeed – pirates are operating off the western coast of India. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard are described as actively patrolling further out into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean along the western coast of India. They appear to realize that there is a real threat within the EEZs surrounding their offshore islands.

    Navy ship rescues Thai national thrown overboard by pirates


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