Surface Navy Association National Symposium–CG Update

A number of presentations made at the Surface Navy Association’s National Symposium are available on line. One of these is the Commandant’s own presentation. It is about 45 minutes long.

I haven’t watched all the presentations yet, but you might also be interested in watching the “Updating the Surface Navy Vision” presentation by RADM Frank C. Pandolfe, Director, Surface Warfare, N86, OPNAV, it’s a fine bit of salesmanship, including a lot of information about the Littoral Combat Ship.

Other presentations were:

  • “CNO Speech, Annual Banquet and Awards,” ADM Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations
  • “U.S. Fleet Forces Update,” ADM John C. Harvey, Jr., Commander, Fleet Forces Command
  • “Keynote Address,” ADM Jonathan W. Greenert, Vice Chief of Naval Operations
  • “The Surface Navy Today – A View from the Bridge,” VADM D.C. Curtis, Commander, Naval Surface Forces
  • “Exclusive Interview,”VADM D.C. Curtis, Commander, Naval Surface Forces
  • “Programmatic Update,” VADM John T. Blake, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations
  • “Capitol Hill Perspectives on the Navy’s Future Force,”Congressman Todd Akin, U.S. House of Representatives, Missouri
  • “Marine Corps Update,” GEN James F. Amos, Commandant, U.S. Marine Corps
  • “Expeditionary Warfare’s Role in the Hybrid War,” MGEN Timothy, C. Hanifen, USMC, Director, Expeditionary Warfare Division

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