USCGC Chase to Nigeria

We had heard earlier that one or more of the 378s would be going to the Philippine Navy. And we got an update from “jammerjamesky” that, “PN Sailor in Alameda, California for Training. USCGC Boutwell (WHEC-718) will be used for immersion. USCGC Hamilton is bound for Philippines already.”

Now it looks like the Chase is going to Nigeria.


24 thoughts on “USCGC Chase to Nigeria

  1. CGBlog…always a day late and a dollar short at actually figuring out what we in the CG have been planning for and/or doing for months.

    • Howard,

      If you have anything news worthy you can always write me and I will probably publish it.

      There are people who are interested in this, perhaps you would like to tell us what is happening to all four of the 378s being decommissioned.

      • Only two WHECs are being decommissioned this year, not four.

        Further transfers beyond CHASE and HAMILTON in FY11 still pend DCO-I staffing.

      • Good day to everyone from Manila, Philippines!

        Sir Howard, you mentioned that only two and not four WHECs will be decommissioned in 2011. However, according to this website:

        Four WHECs- Hamilton, Chase, Rush and Jarvis- and the WMEC Acushnet are all slated for decommissioning this year. Can you please confirm nor deny the information posted on the said website?

        Regarding WHECs headed our way, I hope and pray that we will have more than one WHEC. Between the Nigerians and us, we deserve the WHECs more given the vast territorial waters and EEZ that we have to cover plus the fact that we’re embroiled in territorial disputes (e.g. Spratly Islands with the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Taiwanese and the Malaysians) that call for the necessity to have our World War II-era warships to be replaced with younger ones, in particular WHECs that can be upgraded with anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes (if we have the money to do so).

      • I deny it. Seawaves is also not an official CG website anyway, so be wary of the validity and accuracy of such info.


      • Thank you so much for the response, Sir Howard.

        If the CG will decommission two more WHECs in 2012, hopefully they will enter Philippine Navy service to join their sister HAMILTON, which is headed our way soon, as announced by the newly-appointed Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines earlier today.

        Off-topic: Any word on CG’s plan for the current fleet of WMECs? If I am not mistaken, the Philippine Navy is also thinking of acquiring some of the WMECs aside from the WHECs.

      • WMECs is not being considered for partner nation acquisition at this time. But you never know what the future may bring in the next 10 years or so. 😉

        Be well my friend!

      • Right now the first MEC replacement is not scheduled until 2019 so none of them are expected to become available until then.

        Two of the 210s have already been passed to partner nations. Durable went to Colombia in 2003 and Courageous went to Sri Lanka in 2004.

      • Hopefully Howard will keep us up to date on this, but I think two more are to be decommissioned in 2012.

        Nigeria does have an ongoing insurgency that is threatening their offshore oil infrastructure.

  2. Fred’s Place vid of the day is of the Hamilton decom, and here’s a link to an official press release/photos of the Chase decom.

    As a 210 sailor I should be used to seeing the 378s going first, they always blew past us on Alpats while we trolled along at 13kts, but it’s still weird to finally see 378s decommissioned.

  3. The Cutterman’s Association facebook page has a low res photo of the former USCGC Chase in Nigerian Navy colors.!/photo.php?fbid=10150398151443819&set=a.300700313818.147756.292293733818&type=3&theater

    The Mk 92 has been removed and it looks like the 76 mm Mk75 gun has been removed too. Looks like the air-search may still be on the after mast. (The air-search was removed from the Hamilton before it was transferred to the Philippines.)

  4. German Navy blog Marine forum, “In combatting illegal activities (oil transfers/theft) in the Niger Delta, the Nigerian Navy in 2014 thus far has seized 38 ships.”

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