Name Changes at Military Sealift Command

The Military Sealift Command (MSC) has changed some of their organizational titles, apparently without any real change in organization. Here are the changes.

Former Name New Name
Sealift Logistics Command Atlantic (SEALOGLANT) Military Sealift Command Atlantic (MSCLANT)
Sealift Logistics Command Pacific (SEALOGPAC) Military Sealift Command Pacific (MSCPAC)
Sealift Logistics Command Europe (SEALOGEUR) Military Sealift Command Europe and Africa (MSCEURAF)
Sealift Logistics Command Central (SEALOGCENT) Military Sealift Command Central (MSCCENT)
Sealift Logistics Command Far East (SEALOGFE) Military Sealift Command Far East (MSCFE)


“In addition, MSC’s six ship support units now carry “MSC” before their command names: For instance, Ship Support Unit San Diego is now Military Sealift Command Ship Support Unit San Diego, or MSC SSU San Diego. MSC’s five other ship support units are in Naples, Bahrain, Singapore, Guam and Yokohama.”

We have been assured that, “This name change is the result of an extensive strategic communication effort led by MSC headquarters.”


2 thoughts on “Name Changes at Military Sealift Command

  1. this is NOT a change this is a return to the names used for about 35 years that some idiot decided to change in the early ’90s when MSC went through a reorganization – dahh!

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