New Port Security Boats

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“Kvichak Marine wins 80-boat contract to supply Coast Guard Transportable Port Security Boats for five years
By WorkBoat Staff

“SEATTLE – Kvichak Marine Industries Inc. was recently awarded a five-year contract by the U.S. Coast Guard for the construction of up to 80 Transportable Port Security Boats (TPSB). This contract was originally awarded to ACB, Bellingham, Wash., before the company shut its doors in November. The all-aluminum vessels are operated by a crew of four and include shock mitigating seats to minimize crew fatigue on extended missions. Ballistic armor protection and up to four mounted weapons provide increased mission capability and crew safety during tactical operations, according Kvichak. The 32’9” vessels will replace the USCG’s current aging fleet of smaller, outboard-powered fiberglass boats.

“Powered by twin Yanmar 315 hp diesel engines with Bravo 1-XR outdrives the TPSB will provide security, maritime law enforcement and search-and-rescue operations in coastal areas worldwide. The TPSB can maneuver in as little as 24” of water and can operate safely in 8’ seas and up to 30 knots of wind.

“Current orders have deliveries beginning in August, with 30 boats schedule for delivery by January 2012.”

(Thanks to Lee for bring to my attention.)

5 thoughts on “New Port Security Boats

  1. Up to 30knt winds? dosen’t most of our missions happen in winds greater then 30knts? I know they’re for primaraly for LE missions but still.

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