Sept. 26, 1918, Cutter Tampa, Lost with all Hands

File:USCGC Tampa (ex Miami).jpg

This is the 93rd anniversary of the loss of Cutter Tampa, which was the greatest loss of American naval forces at sea due to enemy action in WWI.

Naval History and Heritage Command is commemorating the loss.

Additional information on the ship here.

In addition to the Coast Guard Memorial at Arlington, the crew is remembered in England with their names engraved on the walls of the chapel of the Brookwood American Cemetery and memorial in Britain.

3 thoughts on “Sept. 26, 1918, Cutter Tampa, Lost with all Hands

  1. Only two bodies were recovered. One was found by fishermen a few weeks later. He was identified by his “dog tag” that had a photoengraving of a finger print on the back. The other is unknown and buried in Wales.

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