Different sort of Boat and Man-in-the-Water Recovery

There is an informational video here about a catamaran work boat. That may be interesting, but what I found most surprising was the system they have for lifting a man out of the water. It is shown near the end. A single crewman can both drive the boat and scoop an unconscious person out of the water. Not enough here to say it is a good idea, but certainly an unusual approach.

Thanks to Lee for the heads-up.

3 thoughts on “Different sort of Boat and Man-in-the-Water Recovery

  1. Lee tells me, “that is a form of Jason’s Cradle – an American system I first saw back in the late ‘90s. Was used during “Miracle on the Hudson” rescue op. Pretty nifty in that it does NOT require a person/victim to climb up it (but they can) nor crew to go over the side. Good for tall sided boats. That is the first time I saw it off the stern.”

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