C-Span Briefings

C-Span recently had an interview with Rear Admiral Karl Schultz, Governmental and Public Affairs Director (Nov. 10, 2011, 41 minutes) . There were no surprises in the interview, but he did an excellent job of providing an overview of the Coast Guard’s organization and missions, including recognizing the contribution of reserves and auxiliary. He did a great job speaking off the cuff in response to telephone questions and comments, very impressive, but if you have followed Coast Guard news closely you may not hear much new.

Actually. following a link on the page, I found an earlier interview with RAdm Paul Zukunft, Assistant Commandant for Marine Safety and Security (March 22, 2011, almost 44 minute) more interesting because it was more detailed.

What I did not hear in either of these interviews was a clear statement that there is an urgent need to replace our ships.



8 thoughts on “C-Span Briefings

  1. It is RDML Karl Schultz. You could at least attempt to try and get our Flag Officers correct. Or maybe that is too much to ask from you all.

    • I don’t know the Admiral. I got the name off C-Span’s written introduction that you can see to the left of the video. They did get it correct on the video and I missed that. Thanks for the correction. Why the hostility? There is no “you all” here. There is no research staff and no proof readers. There is one old retired guy with a continuing interest in the service doing this in his spare time.

    • Mike, A RDML is a commodore right? Or as the mess deck folks used to call them Senior Ensigns.

      A true story about admirals. One day the Chief of Operations in CGHQ called us down to his office for a chat. He beckoned me with “Chief, sit on this side.” I did. Having known him for a number of years, I spoke with him after the meeting and reminded him that I am a Master Chief.

      He looked at me and said, “Well, a chief is a chief.” I responded, “Just like admirals?” Being a good natured person, he smiled and responded “Right, Master Chief.”

      I am sure RDML Schulz would not be offended. He probably had rather be known as a Rear Admiral than that lower half designator compromise for commodore.


      • I know Karl quite well, and I would be astounded to hear he would be offended by the slight error in nomenclature.

        What some of the younger members of our service don’t realize is that when you and I were on active duty, the RDML tag didn’t exist. One and two star flag officers were RADMs.

        Maybe you should just go back to disclosing sensitive opinfo. 😉

      • Anonymouse,

        We did not have one-stars. They all wore two stars and were in the lower half category. Just like we had no W-1s. They were all temp W-2, permanent W-1 from the start.

  2. Bill – you are correct – don’t know what I was thinking. I do remember those days, when the Army and Air Force had Brigadier Generals, and the Navy and Coast Guard jumped from O-6 to two stars.

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