CG 2012 Appropriations Bill Ready for President’s Signature

FierceHomelandSecurity reports the Coast Guard’s 2012 appropriations bill has passed both the Senate and the House, as part of an Omnibus Bill, and the President is expected to sign it into law. It fully funds virtually all the administration’s budget requests for acquisitions. Included is $77M for long lead time items for the sixth National Security Cutter. $25M to begin the design process for the Offshore Patrol Cutter, and $358M should buy six Fast Response Cutters. C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) gets a boost with $65M for Rescue 21 and $38.5M for other C4ISR acquisitions. Also included is $27.8M for RDT&E with $8M specifically marked for shipboard unmanned air vehicles. Read More.

4 thoughts on “CG 2012 Appropriations Bill Ready for President’s Signature

  1. I think it’s safe to say that this is good news. It’s good that they “encourage” us to get this offshore patrol cutter designing off the ground. Don’t know where this 8 million in UAV’s will go, but it should be interesting. Thanks Chuck for the info

    • Maybe these COs should try doing some maintenance and accept responsibility for their neglect of their cutters? As I recall the WMECs in Portsmouth work trop hours and only four days a week. Looks like as much of a workforce management and leadership problem on the cutter fleets part as the typical CG boo hoo hoo whining about how they have no money and people, yet they have plenty of liberty time to offer the crews while wasting millions on useless conferences and DOG units which still have yet to bag a single terrorist.

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