End of an Era, CG Patrols off Iraqi Coast, What Next?

Military.com reports the Combined Task Force Iraqi Maritime completed their operations and stood down on December 31, 2011.

The question remains what will happen to CG Patrol Force South West Asia (PATFORSWA), and the six 110 foot WPBs that were used for this operation. Will they be handed over to an allied nation, or will they be used for another US operation, e.g. counter piracy in the Gulf of Aden or African Partnership Station?

13 thoughts on “End of an Era, CG Patrols off Iraqi Coast, What Next?

  1. Well, we all know what happened to the 82’s and the 311’s so, that could be the same situation if the Cutters are real beat up. I like the “on to more operations” idea. Maybe set them up around Somalia and get a lot of gunnery practice.
    Whatever they do with our Cutters is actually OK with me as long as our people are safe. I pray all the time for our CG folks.

  2. Is it possible that the US Coast Guard may end up selling the used 110’s to the Iraqi Navy and freeing them up for the Webber Class FRC.

  3. i would imagine that these boats may already been written off as far as coming back home to get back into chasing druggies. these boats have probably been ridden hard and put away wet, i’m not sure how long the boats have been over there but i’d be willing to bet that if they came home they’d probably have to go right into a yard availibility before going back into service here. we all know cash is tight and could better spent on maintainence on boats or vessels that are here now. i’d give ’em or sell ’em to some one over there who can use ’em now.

  4. I think we might use them for counter Somali piracy for the next six months or so, basing three at Djibouti and three in the Seychelles or Kenya, and then hand them over to the Seychelles, Nigeria and/or the Philippines.

    • Chuck I know that the USCG experience is using cutters tied to land bases, BUT the real need is for seabasing a force along the Somali coast. Going ashore or getting anything passed though port there is highly problematical.

      So like I said above, use this (presumably) excess assets off the coast supporte d by the US Navy. MSC has plenty of experience do that and have in fact operated support ships for USCG in the past (FPBs).

      There needs to be a string of small boats. cutters, picket ships checking ALL seaborne traffic entering/departing Somali waters.

  5. Maybe as we start getting the Webber Class FRC online, we can start retiring and selling the 110’s to countries like Nigeria, Djibouti, Philippines or even Iraq. If I was the US Coast Guard, I would retire and sell the 110’s for every Webber class FRC we buy. Using the money we got from selling the 110’s to buy more Webber class FRC.

  6. An excellent mother ship would be a converted LSD. One that could be used to dry dock the 110s as the LSD used to do.

    • What about taking an old Austin class amphibious transport dock,Cleveland class,Whidbey Island class dock landing ship & Harpers Ferry class dock landing ship and use them as motherships for USCG 110’s off the Somalia Coast.

      • Nicky, operatvive world is OLD as in worn out, expensive to operate, out of service $$$ to bring back. Especially since the mission is logistic support in nature NOT amphib warfare. Plenty of commerical mothership platforms available cheaper and quicker.
        See also Blue Giant dockships.

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