Surface Navy Association Videos

Videos of presentations made at the Surface Navy Association are available here.

There are 21 videos, including a 49 minute presentation by Admiral Papp. Others include Under Secretary of the Navy Robert Works and CNO Adm. Johnathan W. Greenert

2 thoughts on “Surface Navy Association Videos

  1. I’ve seen most of the videos now and the ones that stood out for me were

    –Undersecretary’s Update by The Honorable Robert O. Work, Under Secretary of the Navy
    –ADM Samuel J. Locklear’s (Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe) presentation that included discussion of the Libya operation
    –Panel Discussion moderated by VADM Lee Gunn (Ret), that included Norman Polmar, Eric Labs, Ronald O’Rourke

    In addition to the Commandant’s update, the Coast Guard was also represented by the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard, who joined the Navy’s Master Chief Petty Officer for a presentation entitled “Defining the Future Force.”

    If you have any doubts that the Marine Corps still plans to do forcible entry over the beach, I recommend the Marine Corps Update by LtGen Richard P. Mills

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