A Truely Low Cost Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

Spanish IT contractor Indra, SELEX Galileo, FLIR Systems and Airborne Technologies are equipping an Italian built, light twin aircraft to perform maritime surveillance.


“Regarding the sensors, the aircraft will be equipped with SELEX Galileo’s Seaspray 5000E radar whose detail degree allows distinction of the shapes and sizes of objects and is capable of detecting vessels or small objects in the sea. It will also carry a state-of-the-art  electroptical camera of large format and high definition of FLIR Systems. We should also add a vessel id system which captures the automatic signals of ships. This identification signal emitted by ships is compared with that supplied by the aircraft sensors, thus facilitating surveillance and detection of suspicious actions.”

In its civilian form, the Tecnam P2006 is the lightest certified twin engine aircraft sold in the US. It has two 98 HP engines that can run on either AvGas or premium auto-gas. The four seat is about the size and price of a Cessna 172. Fuel burn is less than 10 gal. per hour.

An ability to search up to 40,000 sq miles (e.g. 200×200) on a single sortie is claimed.

This might be thought of as an alternative to UAVs.

2 thoughts on “A Truely Low Cost Maritime Surveillance Aircraft

  1. Navy Recognition reports, “The European Border Control Agency (Frontex) has awarded Indra a service contract which incorporates the company’s P2006T MRI aircraft into the EPN Triton maritime surveillance operation in the central zone of the Mediterranean Sea. The agency signed a framework agreement with Indra last August which qualified the company to bid in this type of tender, which Frontex uses to covers its response needs in the case of crisis situations. Indra’s MRI P2006T had to compete with aircraft from companies from all over Europe, thus demonstrating its outstanding capabilities.”

    Read the whole report here: http://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=3742

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