Canadian Icebreaker Design Contract Awarded

Tim Colton’s “Maritime Memos” reports STX Canada Marine has been awarded a $9.5M contract to design Canada’s new icebreaker and goes on to make a suggestion:

“Say, Dave, could you please design it so that it meets the US Coast Guard’s requirements as well?  Then maybe Vancouver Shipyards could build four of them, one for you and three for us?  Why is Canada only building one, anyway, when you obviously need at least three?”

Lots of other good stuff there as well including: new Navy AGOR, Congress on harbor maintenance, changes in the Navy’s ship building programs.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Icebreaker Design Contract Awarded

  1. The Acquisitions Directorate (CG-9) web site,, has a story in the “news highlights” story rotation, that the USCG and the Canadians will cooperate on the design of new icebreakers, but there does not seem to be a link to the full story, and I haven’t found it anywhere else.

    Anyone have more info.

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