Lessons from a fishing boat?

gCaptain is reporting the design of a new 184 foot long, long line fishing vessel, one of the largest in the world, intended for operation in Alaskan waters. It bears more than a little resemblance to a buoy tender. The thing I found interesting is that it uses diesel electric propulsion.

“In addition to the vessels impressive fishing capabilities, the Northern Leader will be designed to be fully diesel-electric with emphasis on minimal environmental impact and lightest carbon footprint. The vessel’s propulsion will be powered by two Schottel Z-Drive rudder propellers and a Schottel tunnel thruster.  The diesel generating system, provided by NC Power Systems of Seattle, will consist of four Caterpillar C32 gensets rated at 715 kW each, two Caterpillar C18′s rated at 425 kW each, and one Caterpillar C9 rated at 238 kW.”

The four largest generators total 2,860 kW or 3,834 HP. Total generating capacity is 3,948 kW or 5,292 HP. If diesel electric propulsion is used for a fishing boat, it is a likely its an economically viable solution.

2 thoughts on “Lessons from a fishing boat?

    • It’s not just diesel electric it is an integrated system providing both propulsion and ship’s service electrical power. The ability to use smaller engines for loitering. Mix in azipods and there are the potential advantages of fuel efficiency, reduced manning, redundancy, and great maneuverability.

      There is also the future possibility of using future systems that require a great deal of electrical power like rail guns or lasers.

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