Texas Coast Guard?

Perhaps motivated by events on Falcon Lake and the general boarder lawlessness, Texas seems to be taking on a job that looks like it should be handled by the Coast Guard, DEA, and DHS. They are buying six machinegun equipped Riverine Gunboats (defensetech.org/2012/03/01/texas-preparing-its-own-riverine-navy/) that would look right at home with the Navy’s Expeditionary Combat Command.

(Thanks to Lee for the heads up)

4 thoughts on “Texas Coast Guard?

  1. Actually, Chuck, it is worse than that. The CA, AZ, NM, and TX border is alive with gunfights both on the Mexican side and on our side. There is virtually no reporting on any of what is going on down there except for a Discovery Channel series called “Drug Wars.” It is so frustrating, because the folks on our side of the border are living in a combat zone and the folks responsible for keeping it secure — the Feds — absolutely refuse to do their mandated job. Instead, we have AG Holder’s DoJ suing AZ for attempting to enforce immigration law the Feds ignore.

    Just recently, an American woman in El Paso was wounded by a spent projectile from a Ciudad Juarez drug shootout. This is a real war that’s in total electronic and print blackout. If the MSM ignores it, then it isn’t happening, except real people are getting wounded and killed.

  2. 2 questions, How come the US Coast Guard is not setting up patrols either on the Rio Grande river or Shore side patrols. Why doesn’t the US Coast Guard have an active presence in the Rio Grande. One thing, What Texas has gotten, I can bet you I smell Mission CREEP somewhere and someone from DHS, CPB, or border patrol might be whining and complaining about Texas’s Mission Creep

  3. Nicky, It is generally considered the domain of the CBP Customs and Border Patrol another past of DHS.

    There must have been some consciencious decision to do that? Well one hopes so~

    BTW there is a Navy small boat school in Stennis MS whict teaches all of those ops.

    Coming from the Brownwater Navy, I am of the more boats the better school. Feds or State so long as they talk to one another and there are NO friendly fire incidents~

    I too recommend Border Wars cable series

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