Unconventional Chinese Rescue Cutter

The Chinese have built an interesting little ship with a trimaran hull, that appears to designed for one of their several coast guard type organizations. It is designated “North Rescue 143.”

It looks a little like a cross between a 110 and an Independence Class Littoral Combat Ship.

Of course this is not the first time the Chinese have shown an interest in non-conventional hull forms. There had been some indication they intended to use the basic form of their catamaran Type 022 (Houbei Class) missile boats as a patrol boat.


8 thoughts on “Unconventional Chinese Rescue Cutter

    • The only thing I saw was the heavy machine gun, which is similar to the Webber Class’s 25 mm MK 38 mod 2.

      Most of the Chinese agencies’ ships are either unarmed or very lightly armed. An exception is that they also use use some former Navy frigates that retain heavier weapons.

      Even so, this ship may be serving as a prototype for something that will come out later. Perhaps as a corvette or as a helicopter carrying complement to the Type 022s missile boats in the same way the Israelis added helicopter equipped vessels to their fleet of missile boats.

  1. This is what happens when you let a 110 patrol boat and the Independence class LCS go out on a date. They get knocked up and look what it produced.

  2. yes to RV Triton, a private venture I belive. And remember that the LCS-2 class is technically a monohull supported by amas.

    There is a little debate about where the PLAN got its design for the wave-piericng Type 022 FAC.

    and I would assume that any Chinese Coast Guard is highly aligned with the PLAN in order to perform “lawfare” in all those water which China claims hegemony over

  3. R.V. Triton was an RN trials ship – it was indeed a “private venture” as it was built by a private yard, but with some public money. I must admit I have no idea the Aussies had picked it up !

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