Problems with Stratton

There has been a recent AP report that USCGC Stratton, the newest National Security Cutter has had a problem with holes developing in the hull.

I’m told this may have been the result of improperly grounded electric welding equipment. Hopefully she will get this behind her quickly.

16 thoughts on “Problems with Stratton

  1. What makes this story non-newsworthy? I realize there is a strong desire by some to cover up bad news about the service, but a brand new ship shouldn’t have these problems…..

  2. I have a real problem with people offer up commits that sound like some grand conspiracy with a name like Anonymouse. My commit to Chuck was because people like you. Dud, this is minor technical problem that affects any ship new or old that is made out of steel. Not some major cover up. Get Real!

    • Where did I say there was a conspiracy?

      It IS newsworthy when a brand new ship has to go into dry dock to repair holes in the hull, IMHO. On the four ships I served on during my 20 year career, we never had holes in the hull appear like what has happened to Stratton.

      Sorry if that offends you, as well as the fact that I don’t post according to your desires. This is still a free country last time I checked. 🙂

      • I am confused here. Anonymouse only responded why it is newsworthy. He did not add any unnecessary banter. Also Chuck is not adding anything to the story just simply reporting the known facts. The reason this story is newsworthy no this blog is because we as former, current, future, or just supporters of the Coast Guard care that the men and women of the Coast Guard receive the best equipment possible. And also because we are Coast Guard geeks.

      • when i first read this elsewhere i thought some sort of electrolisis problem. faulty welding or other electrical installation hookups would make sense. all new vessels, aircraft, systems have teething problems. compared to some of the other much more expensive systems coming out, and the fact that it hasn’t been found on the previous two cutters tells me this is something that will be worked out fairly easily.

  3. Yes Chuck, the news is all over the place.

    Coast Guard working to fix holes in months-old cutter
    The Virginian-Pilot – 12 hours ago

    Ingalls-built cutter Stratton, sponsored by Michelle Obama, has leaks, rust
    Mississippi Press (blog) – 13 hours ago

    New Coast Guard ship has rust, holes
    Daily Press – 13 hours ago

    New Coast Guard ship has rust, holes in hull
    Seattle Post Intelligencer – 16 hours ago

    AP Top News at 12:28 pm EDT -Tuesday, May 8, 2012
    KMPH Fox 26 – May 8, 2012

  4. I may not have been completely clear in the post, but what I was trying to say is that this may not have been the shipbuilder’s fault.

  5. Apparently the navy is still working out what to do with their new lcs toy, they need them so bad they don’t know what they should be used for

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