9 thoughts on “Philippine Navy takes over former USCGC Dallas May 22

  1. Does anyone know if she will have more of her equipment left on board for the Philippines to use?

    When Hamilton was turned over, the Phalanx, air search, ESM, and 25mm Mk38s had been removed.

  2. Just spoke with a Coastguardsman who went over to help train the ex-Hamiliton crew. He was very impressed with the renovation made on Hamilton and they have certainly put the ship right to good use. I’d expect the same for Dallas.

  3. Social Media Director of the DND Philippines

    Word we receive says the only thing left is the 76 mm Otto Melara cannon and the rest were removed. The Hamilton now “Gregorio del Pilar” is being well taken cared for. Its undergoing scheduled maintainance at a dock south of the capital Manila. The Hamilton’s current crew is having a great time with the deep fryers, before it was fries now they dip chicken. Thank you 🙂 On a more serious note, the two retired WHECs will be well taken cared for. Locally, the ex Hamilton has pet name, “Gorio” and Dallas will be called “Monching” after a former Commodore who help establish the Philippine Marines. The two ships have become unifying symbols for many Filipinos who are experiencing a difficult issue with our mighty dragon neighbors.

    On behalf of the nation, and fellow Filipinos, thank you for giving us the Hamilton and the Dallas.

    • Of course deep fried chicken…. WHEC (We Have to Eat Chicken) still applies. I’ll look forward to more good things from Gorio!

  4. I have heard that one of the U. S. Coast Guard’s Vietnam Squadron One 82-footers made it to the PI in 1975. I understand it was the former Point Clear and is now in private hands. Is there anyway to confirm this story?

    I do know it was possible. We once figured out, with some extra fuel, we could have made it from Da Nang to PI in about four days. The original 1965 82-footers sailed to Vietnam from Subic but were escorted and refueled by a LST.

    I had a question from a friend.

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