Contract Awarded for Long Range Interceptor

Tim Colton’s Maritime Memos is reporting that the Coast Guard has awarded a contract for up to eight Long Range Interceptors to equip the National Security Cutters (WMSL) to Metal Craft Marine USA. This may be the basis for the new boat.

(Thanks to Lee for the heads up)


5 thoughts on “Contract Awarded for Long Range Interceptor

  1. The original LRI was a pig, every time we launched it I was afraid the crew wasn’t coming back. I hope this one has the coxswain seat in the center. There is nothing worse than trying to drive a 11M RHIB up a notch with a foot to spare on each side and the coxswain is sitting three feet off of center with tiny windows for visibility.

  2. Off topic, but I cannot resist. DRC used the term “notch” and I wonder if anyone has thought to include a “notch” on the Coxswain’s Insignia for those who qualify. I am sure there is a PQS for it somewhere.

    I suppose a piece of string could be put on the insignia of those who took the (at times wide) ride on the sea painter.

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