New Type Vessel?

Looks like the Coast Guard may soon be dealing with an entirely different type of vessel, and perhaps needing to protect a new type of infrastructure target.

Cnet is reporting that Google may be building a floating data center in San Francisco Bay.


5 thoughts on “New Type Vessel?

  1. I foresee a new mission for the Coast Guard where we enforce security zones put in place by Senators for which we’ll be deducted money for proving we can do it for less than anyone else.

  2. Why should the Coast Guard be responsible for private businesses? It does not protect nuclear power plants near rivers. The oil companies also hire their own security services. The last time the Coast Guard did this was during WWII when if formed the civilian arm, “Coast Guard Police,” to protect dams and power stations. I believe Google can afford its own, and better, security.

  3. Yep its true.
    September 6th, 2008
    Google Planning Offshore Data Barges

    In a startling new take on data center engineering, Google has filed a patent for a “water-based data center” that uses the ocean to provide power and cooling. The patent also confirms Google’s development of a container-based data center, describing “crane-removable modules” to power the computing platforms.

  4. Three things come to mind thinking about this.
    First, it may be simply good protection against earth quakes, in a quake prone area.
    Second, that being mobile, it might be used as a temporary replacement for facilities damaged in a disaster.
    Third, it may be a strategic asset. Military operations are requiring increasingly greater bandwidth, this might be moved into a theater of operations to supply network services where none existed.

    I don’t expect the CG would supply security guards or even security boats, but like other major assets, like container facilities, airports, dams, and power plants the CG would consider them as potential targets and plan accordingly.

  5. Tim Colton’s Maritime Memos has more information, indicating there are actually four barges, “There are, in fact, four barges – BAL0001, BAL0010, BAL0011 and BAL0100. Note the binary structure of the four numbers: how cute! They are owned by a company registered in Wilmington DE, called By and Large, Inc.: BAL – get it? They are 250-foot heavy-duty deck barges built in the past two years by C. & C. Marine & Repair, in Belle Chasse LA. They were originally named CIB 721 thru 724 and owned by CIBCO Barge, a company run by Tony Cibilich which charters out barges built by C. & C.: they have at least two more of this size. November 6, 2013.”

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