Are You a Potential Reality TV Star?

I got a request to pass along a message that a TV production company is seeking individuals interested in participating in a new reality show.

It appears to be legit, and, if it comes to fruition, it would not hurt to have a Coastie involved.

Are you looking for an action-packed sea adventure? Raw TV, the makers of Discovery’s hit series Gold Rush, is looking for experts to be the on-screen stars of a brand new show.

Have you got what it takes to survive some of the world’s deadliest seas? Could you tough it out on a remote desert island?

We are looking for people from a range of backgrounds such as fishing, sailing, military, security, survival & any other related fields. If you’re ready for an exciting new mission, get in touch: Email:

6 thoughts on “Are You a Potential Reality TV Star?

  1. I’d like to nominate RONONE!

    He could be the Coastie version of Rudy Boesch!!

    Come on Bill…you could use situations on the show to teach a wide audience the historical background of various situations and how one can learn from history instead of repeating the mistakes of not knowing your history…what a better way to drive home the point!



  2. Having a wide audience and having them listen are two different elements. I have taught enough undergraduates to know that listening is an unused property. I know the Coast Guard would not listen because it does not believe in the relevancy of history. If it did, it would not continue to make the same mistakes time and again. I suppose I could pontificate why there is no ‘One Coast Guard’ as was projected first by Commandant Harry Hamlet in the 1930s. He either did not know or chose not to listen.

    If I went it would have to be at a warm place with women not heavily clothed.

  3. Anything to make a buck now, they don’t care who they use-up and spit out after their pockets are full.
    Back in the 70s when I tried to break into TV, it was tough going, even with an agent.
    Now they take any no talent a-hole that comes along.

    • PO,
      If you think breaking into TV was tough, try getting an article published about the USRCS or Coast Guard — that is if you are not a PhD or an admiral. I should add that I do have an article coming out in Prologue (Journal of the National Archives) this fall. It will be my second with them. However, other venues are much more difficult.

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