Document Alert, Western Hemisphere Stategy

Coast Guard Compass has reported the release of the “Coast Guard Western Hemisphere Strategy.” I have only made a very cursory scan. At this point I will only note that one thing I frequently see in strategies (including this one) is an apparent presumption that a “multi-layer” strategy is always better, when actually a comprehensive, well executed single layer may be better than a porous multi-layered approach which dilutes our effort. The illegal importers of drugs prove on an almost daily basis that our current multi-layered efforts are far less than 100% effective. By extension we cannot expect them to be effective in intercepting potentially more disastrous security threats.

5 thoughts on “Document Alert, Western Hemisphere Stategy

  1. You are lucky. Our borders are wide open. If the situation on the near Continent gets worse concerning the illegal immigrant situation and if a certain section of a certain religion become embedded then it won’t be too long before somebody uses the sea against us. Our island is small but coastal districts remain remote and would provide cover for ne’er-do-wells to slip a shore. Never sure whether we are lucky that nobody has done such before or whether those in charge really do know better and are balancing risk. During the Troubles arms shipments were intercepted at sea but those actions were dependent on good intel’. Same could be said of drug shipments. But I am not sure I have much confidence in the security services’ ability to collect intel’ within a certain community. Interesting times.

      • They aren’t completely baron source just not a gushing torrent. There have been one or two embarrassing affairs where the security services has swooped on innocents. Then we have HMG promulgating figures for those who have gone from here to fight in the ME whose accuracy is dubious. Obviously security services can’t reveal everything I am just not sure about the real threat level. But numbers of IIs in the Med don’t show any sign of abating as you say and we have the signs of parts of London becoming no go zones. The main concern is that once an avenue has been opened for one reason it doesn’t take long before it is used for allied reasons, look at the US with the trade in guns, druge, and humanity. Where there is potential profit somebody will provide the means. To me the south east of Great Britain is wide open to the near Continent.

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