New Asset in Guam–Triton MQ-4C is reporting that the Navy has deployed Triton MQ-4C UAS to Guam.

This is actually good news for the Coast Guard, assuming the Navy will share their information, because it could substantially improve maritime domain awareness over an area of the US EEZ that is thousands of miles from the nearest Coast Guard Air Station.

14 thoughts on “New Asset in Guam–Triton MQ-4C

    • This quote was kind of interesting too: “While the Coast Guard averages $1.4 billion in annual acquisitions funding, it would need $2.5 billion annually to fund all its desired acquisition programs, including OPC.” Of course for FY2016, our AC&I is even much smaller.

    • I would say it is pretty far down the priority list. Would expect to see one in 7th District first, probably Puerto Rico.

      I would like to see some more capable units in MarSec, but right now we don’t have ships there to exploit detections by UAS.

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