Cutter Boat, AtoN, Medium

Marine Log has some still sketchy info on a new Coast Guard boat, the CB-ATON-M, or cutter boat, aids to navigation, medium. 16 of these 18 foot aluminum workboats, powered by a Mercury inboard-outboard diesel, are to be built by Metal Shark. Apparently they are to equip the 14 Keeper class 175 foot (53.34m) Coastal Buoy Tenders.

9 thoughts on “Cutter Boat, AtoN, Medium

    • Not that fast and not an offensive minelayer like the ones during WWII. Makes a lot of sense for defensive mine laying. The first minelayer was a little smaller.
      When they are not laying mines they look a lot like a small frigate.

      • I over egged with the fast. Still interesting.

        HMS Manxman……..39.25 knots………….

      • The US converted several destroyers to fast minelayers as well, but most of them did very little minelaying.

        S. Korea has a unique situation. They may want to mine off their own ports, but the ports are so close to their potential enemy, the minelayer may have to defend itself even there.

        Lots of mine warfare during the Korean War.

    • The cruiser minelayers of the Abdiel class, like Manxman, were more famous for running high priority cargoes to Malta than for minelaying. An early example of a “flex-deck” perhaps.

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