WMECs and WLBs Getting New Gyros

A small thing, but encouraging.

NavyRecognition is reporting that the Coast Guard has contracted to replace the gyros on fourteen 210 foot Reliance Class WMECs, in addition to those on ten Juniper class 225 foot WLBs that were contracted for in April.

The gyros are reported to use a new technology and be both cheaper and more reliable.

Seeing that it appears we will have most 210s around for more than another decade, at least they are getting some newer equipment.

(My only question is, there are 16 Juniper class, what about the other six?)

2 thoughts on “WMECs and WLBs Getting New Gyros

  1. Will the maintenance responsibility of these new gyros switch from the electrician mates to the electronic technicians?

    If so, perhaps the sound powered phones could also be switched to the information technicians since they maintain communication equipment.

    • I would not know, but these do sound more like something the ETs would maintain, since it is apparently solid state, but then EMs are probably doing some of that now too.

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