Low Noise Patrol Boat

Bairdmaritime reports the Norway has received some new patrol boats (interceptors) that I find remarkable both for their speed (up to 50 knots) and for their quiet operating environments.

“We are proud to have achieved noise levels well below specification. 61 decibels in the wheelhouse and 71 in the transport room at a cruising speed of 40 knots is unique in a fast patrol boat of this size…”

They also have ” a comprehensive heating system to cope with severe Nordic winter conditions (including de-icing of deck areas).”

Things to think about when the Coast Guard ultimately starts to replace its 87 footers.

4 thoughts on “Low Noise Patrol Boat

  1. I just saw this too: “The production version can be offered as a landing craft with a combat boat-type bow ramp or as a patrol craft with a variety of interior arrangements including crew quarters for up to 6/8 personnel.”

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