Icebreaking Mega-Yacht


gCaptain reports a proposal from Damen and Dutch luxury superyacht builder AMELS, offering a line of icebreaking Mega-Yachts sized 65, 90, and 100 meters in length. The design incorporates a double-acting hull, capable of breaking ice stern-first and an “Axe Bow” for good seakeeping in ice-free seas.

The basic hull form might make a decent Arctic Patrol Cutter.

11 thoughts on “Icebreaking Mega-Yacht

      • How big should a modern PC/Sub Chaser be? realize that the proposed OPC is reaching what would have be classified a WHEC 20 years ago.

      • Lyle, true enough, all classes seem to have grown substantially, with 10,000 ton destroyers and 7,000 ton frigates, being three to five times the size of their WWII counterparts. On the other hand, out side of Carriers and the Russian Kirov class cruisers (28,000 tons), there are no surface combatants much larger than Burke class destroyers, and today’s destroyers fill the role of battleships and cruisers of an earlier era. US cruisers are little different from the Burke class destroyers aside from better command and control facilities.

        Lee was referring specially to replacing the Cyclone class PCs (387 tons full load, fl, which are about the same displacement as the Webber class,353 tons fl, but they were really not intended for the roles the PCs had during WWII–acting as coastal ASW escorts and inshore gunboats. Their role is more like that of the Coast Guard 83 footers or British Fairmile class motor launches (there were several types) ( which were all under 100 tons.

        If we assume that all classes had tripled in displacement then we might argue that PCs could be as much as 2,550 tons (three times that of the Admirable class PCEs, 850 tons, or 1,389 tons if we consider only the 173 foot PCs, 463 tons, which unlike the PCEs were designed from the start as PCs.(

      • Looking at the 95ft cape class on wikipedia. It said it had a retractable sonar system. What was it, and how did it work? And how did it compare with the hull mounted ones on the navy frigates/destroyers etc…

      • I could not find out much about the sonar except that it was an “OCU searchlight” sonar which meant that the sonar had to be aimed rather than simultaneously searching 360 degrees. Their ASW weapons were mousetrap rockets ( and depth charges. They also had a 40mm gun mounted aft.

        They were expected to do harbor defense ASW. Frequencies would have been higher and ranges shorter.

        There is a good explanation of the techniques used during WWII here:

      • I like the multiple boat handing capability. The flight deck automatically kicks the size up. I depends on who you talk to as to whether a small combatant needs an aviation capability OTHER than small UAVs.

        I am starting with a different set of rqmts for a former PC skipper. Nedd open deck aft and endurance.

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