USCG/China CG Cooperation Opportunity


Thought this article from the National Interest, “China’s Coast Guard: Big Problem or a Big Opportunity?” was worth a look. Specifically it is about working the possibility of working with the Chinese on dealing with the environmental effects of major oil spills.

2 thoughts on “USCG/China CG Cooperation Opportunity

  1. What about getting the Chinese to worry about the environmental impact of destroying reef structures in the south Pacific so they can “reclaim” islands? The USN Guardian fiasco is a drop in the ocean compared to the damage the Chinese are doing to these reefs.

  2. I understood the beginning of the article to refute suggestions for Coast Guard cutters to patrol the South China Sea as a means of countering China’s Coast Guard dominance in the area. The author doesn’t make a strong case for his position which in my opinion ignores US Coast Guard-China Coast Guard cooperation for fisheries enforcement nor is his position supported by the national security policy niche the Coast Guard occupies in regards to a show of flag when the deployment of Navy ships may escalate tensions.

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