USNI Publishes “Arctic Issue”

The US Naval Institute, has, for what I believe is the first time, published an issue of “Proceedings” that is dominated by discussion of the Arctic.

Pages 18 to 37 are devoted to the Arctic, including four articles and a sidebar. I think that is at least as much as they devoted to the Coast Guard, in the “Coast Guard Issue.”

Only one of these articles is available on line to non-members, “Geopolitical Icebergs,” by Dr. Auerswald, a professor of security studies at the National War College.

The other articles, also available on-line to members are:

  • “Defending Polar Access”
  • “More Access for the Arctic”
  • “A Mechanism for Arctic Crisis Response”

Throughout there is a call for more resources, particularly icebreakers.

The last short article, “A Mechanism for Arctic Crisis Response,” advocates positioning a structure in the Chukchi Sea. I can’t help but think putting the resources on land might be a bit easier in the long run.

Or alternately, modify the Polar Sea, as I have suggested, and use her for that purpose.

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