CBP Coastal Interceptor Vessel, First of 52


New Coastal Interceptor Vessel Photo CBP

MarineLink reports Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO) has acquired the first of a planned 52 Coastal Interceptor Vessels (CIV), that look a lot like Coast Guard Response Boat, Small.

“AMO marine interdiction agents will operate the CIV in offshore coastal waters to combat maritime smuggling and protect U.S. ports from acts of terrorism.”

This sounds a lot like duplication of Coast Guard Missions. But then they do not do the other Coast Guard missions.

6 thoughts on “CBP Coastal Interceptor Vessel, First of 52

  1. The are both boats…but that’s about where the similarities with the RB-S end. The CIV appears to be a well executed, sea worthy, purpose built platform for a narrow range of missions and op areas. Given that it’s from Safeboat, also well built. RB-S II is none of these things.

  2. Coast guard has alot of missions, some they do well at, some, in some places, eh not so well at times. OAM primary missionis vessle interdiction of terrorist threats abd maritime smuggling. They are very good at it. RBS small is 29′, this is 41′. Lot different. Different agencies, different functions…

    Both agencies came out of the revenue Cutter service If i recall.

  3. Interesting… The helm appears to be on the port side… Admittedly, it is a center console, so the difference is minimal. 4 300HP outboards? Yikes! The fuel capacity must be a major component of the displacement!

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