Live From an Ongoing Boarding–CIMSEC

121203-G-XX000-001_CPO Terrell Horne

CIMSEC has a post that suggests the Coast Guard should use live streaming video of on-going boardings, as a way to keep the chain of command informed in real time.

It does seem inevitable we will be going in that direction. The hope is that it will make it possible to provide the guys on scene with greater support. My fear is that it will facilitate micro-management. There is also the possibility this could become a huge time sink for the upper echelons.

3 thoughts on “Live From an Ongoing Boarding–CIMSEC

  1. Minus the recreational boardings we do 145 security patrols, escorts, security boardings, and fishery boardings. Many are outside of cellular range. Recording them for case packages is one thing but streaming them… Who is going to watch them? Recommended to the R&D Center back in 2013 for a point to point capability for cutter teams to reach back to the CIC to manage complicated boardings. However a satellite link of video back to the beach is cost prohibitive. Getting emails at sea is already a challenge. Funny though, the Deepwater promotional video Pitched live streaming video in the command center back in 2006.

  2. The broad idea was to provide additional eyes during high-risk boarding’s, SPSS, MOTR Boarding’s, Mass Migration, etc. for the analysts and command, not for every boarding in the AOR. Same concept Special Forces uses them (high-risk or special intelligence). As NSC’s are becoming increasingly specialized for specific operations and strategic partnerships, i.e. RIMPAC, CARAT, Mr. Hill is correct by saying it’s only a matter of time. I agree that this could become, very quickly I might add, a micro-managed evolution. My only consideration is a commander watching should give commanders intent and allow the operators to do their jobs while watching – if they chose to watch. It’s something we’ve never dealt and it could very well fail. From the financial aspect, yes, it can be expensive. But, where we (USCG) can have the upper advantage is considering which products already failed the DOD standards and pickup what products are working – streamlining trial and error. After all, we pitch C4ISR and ISR highly to senate and congressional members during tours of NSC’s. Just like the UAS/UAV program we are watching what works for others and what can work for us. Appreciate the comments gentleman and look forward to providing more ideas. Now, if we can only have the R&D Center a folk to visit the NSC’s during their inaugural commissioning cruises on the east coast and grab some thoughts from the Operation Specialists…….

  3. The biggest fans of live feed of boarding evolutions will be the defense bar.

    I understand why this sounds like a good idea, but from a prosecution standpoint, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

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