Chile Christens Its Forth 80 meter OPV

On of our most popular posts has been “Three Nations Share German OPV Design” written by Andrés Tavolari, a lawyer, and Chilean Marine Reserve Officer. Andrés has written to say that Chile will christen their fourth Fassmer 80 class, OPV 84, “Cabo Odger” on August 3rd. Above is a Time Lapse of her construction.

As you can see from the diagram, this one will have a 76 mm gun.

4 thoughts on “Chile Christens Its Forth 80 meter OPV

  1. Andres has confirmed that this OPV like the third of the class is ice strengthened to operate in the Antarctic. I would note that operating in the Antarctic does not require that the vessels be unarmed, only that they are open for inspection.

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