White House Announces Actions to Protect Natural and Cultural Resources in Alaskan Arctic Ocean

The following from Bryant’s Maritime Consulting,

President Obama issued an Executive Order regarding Northern Bering Sea climate resilience. It provides that federal agencies regulating, overseeing, or conducting activities in the region coordinate those activities and do so with attention to the rights, needs, and knowledge of Alaska Native tribes, the delicate and unique ecosystem, the protection of marine mammals, fish, seabirds, and other wildlife, and with appropriate coordination with the State of Alaska. A Fact Sheet accompanies the Order. (12/9/16) [https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2016/12/09/executive-order-northern-bering-sea-climate-resilience]. Note: Curiously, neither the US Coast Guard nor the Department of Homeland Security is named as members of the Bering Task Force even though shipping routing measures and reduction of pollution from vessels are mentioned as topics for consideration.

Mentioned or not. The Coast Guard certainly will have a role as we always have.

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